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Embark Tents – Who Makes Them?

  Several people have written us to ask “who makes Embark tents?”, and so I set out to dig up the information on Embark to post on the website for all of our customers convenience. It didn’t take long to see why people were frustrated enough to write us. There is no information on Embark […]

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Embark Lightweight 3-Season 2-Person Backpacking Tent

Embark Lightweight 3-Season 2-Person Backpacking Tent
Retail Tent Price: $ 59.99 (shipping extra)
Lowest Known Price: $ 24.99

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Embark 9-Person 14’x15′ Family Cabin Tent With Screen Porch | Tent Review

Tent Rating: (based on 2 owner reviews)

Retail Tent Price: $ 159.99 (shipping extra)
Our Price: $ 139.99

The Embark 9-Person Family Cabin Tent is a perfect choice whether it’s your first family camping tent, or you are an experienced family camping pro. These family tents for camping are produced by the manufacturer for long term use by building them with the highest quality materials available in the tent camping industry. Your family …

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